Why You Have To Love Yourself First

Remember that instant spark you felt when you met you-know-who? What about the suspense or the chills that went up your spine? You tell yourself, “This one is different!” and before you know it, your relationship is spiraling out-of-control. Three missed calls and five texts later, you feel defeated.

Was it something you said? Was it something you did? There’s no point in stressing about that now! You’re on another level – wait, no — another pedestal. Gather all of your strength and reserve your dignity because chances are, you’ve already moved onto a much better, newer, chapter in your life.

Don’t let this experience scar your relationships down the line. And let’s throw in toxic friendships, because why not? After all, there are too many books and movies written about crappy relationships in general.

To name a few examples, you have characters like the cool kid, the one that got away, the friend that never reciprocates and then you’ve got the haters. These characters are so warped, yet people are just okay with that…? Now think carefully. Do you want to embody this persona and ruin life for yourself and those around you?

You owe one favor to yourself and that begins with digging deep to find what makes you happy… what makes you tick. Sure, it may sound like total generic B.S., but really, what’s the point in dwelling on the negative for too long? You’ve got some serious butt to kick!

You’re badass, you’re beautiful, you’re a survivor, and you’re someone who deserves love and happiness. Don’t let other people tell you otherwise! Take care of yourself and remember to treat yourself occasionally, whether it’s after a hectic week at work, home or school. Don’t stress yourself out because everything is meant to work out in the end!

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