Why Saying “No” Will Make Your Life SO Much Easier

Saying “no” is easier for some of us than it is for others. As long as your response is within reason, it’s an appropriate thing to say when saving time and energy. Just don’t use it to squeeze yourself out of important obligations like work, school, birthdays, holidays, celebrations, grievances within your immediate family or church if you claim to be a devout (insert religion).

Otherwise, don’t feel regretful, doubtful or disappointed in yourself just because you didn’t meet someone else’s standards. Your purpose in life is worth so much more than that. Instead, compose yourself to the best of your abilities and explain why you have other priorities you’d rather commit to. Your friends and family should surely understand. After all, they’ve got it rough, too.

Put yourself first because no one will do the same for you –unless we’re talking about your parents or S.O. You have to be their priority and the same logic applies the other way around.

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