How to survive an awkward meeting

With time, you accept the fact that you won’t get along with everyone. Sometimes, all it takes is your first impression of a certain someone. At other times, you’re greeted by a suffocating aura. Maybe you two have history that ended on a sour note. Or maybe, you just dislike everything about their existence.

This person’s presence could even cause discomfort, distaste and stress simply because they embody everything that you consider insufferable. You may even argue. But let’s get right to it – all of these emotional investments are time-consuming.

While keeping your distance is one alternative, another is changing the way you behave around this person. After all, you may be stuck with them at a party one day or who knows? This person might help jump your car on a rainy day.

Start by pushing these negative thoughts and feelings aside in their presence. Try not to frown and wipe that smug expression off your face! You don’t have to force yourself to smile or laugh at all of their jokes, but it’s a start.

Maintain conversation and feel free to express your thoughts in the most, unbiased, objective manner as possible and simply state reputable resources to back you up. Only discuss topics that you feel comfortable sharing.

If this person seems to be itching for an argument, do not fall for it! Make your point (an unbiased and objective one, as we’ve just discussed) and if it helps, take a step back from this conversation and reassess your thoughts. Depending on the circumstances, find ways to distract yourself.

At a get-together, for instance, turn toward a mutual friend and join in on the conversation next to you. Another option could be taking a sip of your water in front of you and asking for a refill.

If you have the option of stepping outside for a minute or two, you should probably do that. You wouldn’t be lying if you told your friends that you were only going out for some fresh air.

Just make sure to maintain the most positive experience for everyone. You’d want to walk out less emotionally invested in someone you barely like because, after all, you’ve got better things to do!

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