How to be smart and beautiful

While intelligence is something that you’ll have to accumulate on your own, the way you behave around others is a matter that can always be improved. Some of you may be experts at this already, treating others no worse than you’d expect to be treated out in public.

Others, however, need a little bit more guidance in a social setting. So, in an instance where someone makes a statement that is entirely different and outlandish from your own, you’ll still have to be respectful. You’ll have to remind yourself that they, too, have the freedom of speech.

But it’s not just the concept alone that you’ll have to remember, you’ll have to act on it as well. You won’t always have the last say in a conversation and you don’t always have to prove other people wrong.

That means no raising your voice, cutting other people off in conversation or telling them that they are just outright wrong. That’s just not nice!

If you must present information that is scientifically proven or throughly researched, then just state those facts. You’ll come off as the much cooler, matter-of-fact type of intellect, anyway, and a much more beautiful one while you’re at it!

While some people may notice the level of respect that you’ve given them, others may not. But that doesn’t give you the excuse to abandon all reason as well as social etiquette! Make it a goal to respect others in conversation and people will feel less ashamed, embarrassed or defensive when presenting their thoughts to you.

Kudos for becoming a better conversationalist!

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