You’re So Beautiful, You Don’t Even Know It

As you look into the mirror, you begin to find those small imperfections that no one else will remember. You glance again at the side of your face that appears slightly uneven and then notice a patch of hair that hasn’t grown back within the past few weeks. Your eyes begin to wander—a sunspot here, a pimple there, a scar, a wrinkle, a mole—it just never seems to end.

Now your friends and family are starting to wonder why you’re not behaving like your usual self. They’ll offer to help you fix whatever’s got you feeling out-of-place if it means that you’ll smile again.

What does it mean to be beautiful? Beauty is in the way you laugh and in the way you smile at the things you consider silly. It’s in the way you display bravery at the face of adversity, it’s in the way you put others first, it’s in the way you help them when they’re in the dumps, it’s in the way you treat strangers or how, unbeknownst to you, other people gravitate toward your sunny disposition.

Beauty is in the way you genuinely display your thoughts and feelings, it’s in the way you make others feel accepted and it’s in the way you make them feel loved.

You can be beautiful in the physical sense, but rotten to the core. You can be ruthless, vain, cruel or so greedy that you’re never satisfied with what life has to offer you. Regardless of the affliction, it’s never too late to heal and improve yourself from within.

Just think—while you were too busy caring about your appearance, someone else was thinking about how much you’ve changed their life for the better. You’ll just never get it.

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