How To Survive A Negative State Of Mind

Here it comes—another obstacle in the form of waves, hitting you one after another in this body of water called life. It feels like forever since you’ve started treading water, but it’s only been a few days, weeks, months or years that’s passed. That’s still a pretty long time, you’d say, but it’s only a sliver of time when you look at it from a bigger perspective. Everything will work out as long as you persevere.

By dwelling on the negative, you’re dragging yourself deeper and deeper under the cold and dark surface, making it much harder to breathe. There’s no point investing time, energy and power toward ideas that won’t benefit you at all when you can do so much better for yourself.

Optimism is the state of mind that you’ll need to survive the ebb and flow of life. You’ll not only free your mind, but you’ll also allow all of the weight on your shoulders to drift away into the abyss.

There are just too many problems that can drag you down, so take a moment to think beyond your current circumstances and take a look around. You’ll notice other people fighting the same battle.

For instance, maybe you won’t be able to pay the rent on time or you’re planning to drop out of college one semester shy of graduation. Maybe you just got laid off for the second time in a row and you’re plagued by anxiety and depression.

You’ll realize that you’re not alone among a flood of people with troubles of their own. Some of them may never find peace or look up to see the rays of sunlight beaming through the thick layer of clouds above. However, there’s still hope.

When you change the way you view the world, you make it a better place for others to live in. Maybe you’ll even empower, inspire, influence, save, or set an example for other people. Regardless, the world needs more positively radiant people like you to make tomorrow a day to look forward to. Plus, life is so much smoother when you help each other stay afloat.

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