Why You Should Start Letting The Walls Down

The last time you were criticized, you tuned out whatever it was, whoever was saying about your ability to do something. Here you are once again not too long after the that assessment, facing another similar, sticky situation. You think, “I know I made a mistake and I can fix this!” despite that small voice in the back of your head that betrays you, telling you that you’ll need all of the feedback you can get.

As you continue falling down the deep, dark crevice of your mind, you notice the walls around you growing higher and higher. It feels like a maze all of a sudden and you’re trapped in the same spot trying to plan your escape. As you look for cracks in the wall, you begin to freak out so much that you forget to look up.

When you finally do, you notice the people who have outgrown you in almost every capacity like public figures, parents, role models, educators, entrepreneurs, businesspeople or a mentor. Believe it or not, they were stuck in the same spot at some point of their lives. Perhaps some of them continue to face the same hurdles as you do.

As for you, success will come when you learn to take on constructive criticism. You can’t improve your current circumstances if you only listen to the words you want to hear—it doesn’t work that way. When you accept failure, however, you allow yourself to grow and improve your chances for success. Feedback is a difficult pill to swallow, but the results will be worth it down the line.

As your walls lower and disappear, all of the wonderful opportunities that were right there in front of you will finally come in sight and therefore, become much more attainable.

What you choose to do in this next chapter will determine your future. You’ll face new challenges that you never would’ve imagined and succeed as long as you move on with an open mind and a willingness to learn more.

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