Letting The Truth Reveal Itself

Surely, there have been plenty of moments in your life when no one believed a word you said. For every word that uttered out of your mouth, you got backed further and further into a corner. Even today, you’re still unsure of how to escape this predicament, but there’s no reason to stress about that because this situation can be dealt with in a variety of ways.

Perhaps you stuck with what you said to defend yourself all along, maybe you walked away from the confrontation because you felt the odds weren’t working in your favor or maybe, you considered taking sweet revenge. However, all of that isn’t as thorough and effective as karma, which can turn out to be really nasty.

So instead adding fuel to the fire, just let everything work out on it’s own because the truth has interesting ways of revealing itself.

You may find satisfaction in descending justice upon the people who you feel have wrong you, but that’s just like admitting defeat. Why? Because you could move on to better things as life slowly works in it’s own mysterious ways.

So take a break away from whatever’s got you all riled up and treat yourself to some of your favorite food, drink some tea (without having to spill any), read a book, light some candles, take a nice, warm bath, or meditate—whatever it is that soothes your mind and spirit, do that.

Don’t let anyone trample on your precious time. Instead, strive to become a better version of yourself everyday until- Oh, would you look at that! People are starting to believe what you said that one time you were caught in the middle of all the drama!

In the future, you can look back and reflect on how well you handled this situation. That, and you’ll thank yourself for not growing too many gray hairs. You’ll come out less stressed with just enough strength to tackle more important issues that are heading your way.

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