Love, Unexpected

Underneath your blank stare and stoic expression lies a code that’s much easier to crack. You may have everyone else fooled, but you’ve got emotions that crave the warmth that’s found in a well-deserved hug or a quick kiss on the cheek. You’re well on your way in your pursuit of love and you may not even realize it.

Love has a funny way of entering life when you least expect it. It’s a natural, practical, unconditional and understanding kind of thing—but that’s just the pretty part. Just when you need it the most, love delivers hard truths, sacrifices and painful experiences to learn from.

Times like these may hurt the most, but they provide a glimpse of life from a perspective beyond yourself. It’s no fun to endure these chapters in life, but it’s better than being deprived of them. Without them, there is no stimulation for personal growth or the acceptance of others for who they truly are as a person.

No one’s really an expert at love, but it’s easy to recognize the symptoms of what it isn’t. It’s not something that forces you to act against your own will or turns you into some bitter, obsessive, possessive type of person. True love is not built over social or personal standards. It’s not something you can plan in your 20s, 30s —at any point in your life, really— and you can’t customize people as if you’re at Build-A-Bear.

You could try to choose the people in your life, but you’ve gotta be something real special to reject love from anyone. It’s not always meant to be found in romantic relationships or left taken for granted when friends and family are involved. Love goes beyond expectations and begins with accepting the good along with the bad parts of yourself.

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