How To Embrace The Calm After The Storm

Calm. That’s the word you never associate with no matter how hard you try. The day could start off real nice until it all bursts into flames. Maybe it was a side remark or something that someone did that upset you a little. Something so little, trivial and seemingly insignificant that finds a way to crawl under your skin. The last straw. That one rush of emotions that crosses the line of rationality.

As it wraps you up in your deepest emotions, it confiscates all of your self-control, holding it in a tight grasp. And just like that, it’s over—no ifs, ands or buts. A loss by default, although you aren’t at an entire loss… yet. So you sail off into the storm, navigating through waves of regret, self-consciousness and in one worst-case-scenario, depression, to reclaim your moral compass. A true mental war zone.

Just know that there are ways to fix your dilemma, which may require immediate attention or a much slower one, after spending an hour or two to yourself. You know you can’t run from your problems forever. There’s no reason to be afraid or upset either, because you’re not alone in this.

Consider some activities that may improve your health, boost your productivity and maybe even let you live a little on the brighter side. Take that energy and focus on something like dancing or walking somewhere nice in your neighborhood. You’ll need to release that extra bit of energy and fresh air isn’t too bad, either.

Perhaps you’ll meet new people during your stroll and maybe light up their day with a smile, a laugh or both! Maybe you’ll get to see landscapes and architecture that you’ve never had time to observe before! You’ll come back feeling tired, wanting to resolve the issue as quickly as possible, but you’ll also feel a sense of peace. You have better things to do than be upset like getting some more of that much-needed rest.

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