How You Can Turn Mental Breakdowns Into Personal Growth

You can feel it already—the deep sighs, the twitching of the fingers, the clenching of the fists and your eyes that pivot around the room like clockwork looking for a way to escape. Your mind starts to blank out, giving you little time to process the numbing sensation that’s already taken a hold of your body.

Then you hear those racing thoughts that come and go like blinking stoplights. You’re stuck in traffic and your only destination is being blocked off by mental congestion. As you slowly travel down the road of self-deprecation, you find yourself becoming more obsessed about surviving the journey. It’s no laughing matter. No way around it.

You sense a kind of pressure that never fails to send shivers up your spine and a rush of blood to your head. You fear the fate that lies before you. You feel mental. You feel like you’ve gone mad! No matter how many times you try to fix this issue, you’re right where you started. That’s what you think.

You break down. You break down because you care too much about how others perceive you. You care too much about perfecting things that are beyond your control like those intrusive thoughts that never stop or the need to have the last say in decisions that aren’t yours to make.

You have to learn how to move on with life and to be content with the imperfect things. Improvement is not always instant. It’s as if you’re forgetting how life has a way of working out on its own, that there are so many talents and qualities you don’t know about yourself.

As you’ve heard countless times, all of these stressful, intrusive thoughts are just that—in your head. You are your own worst enemy. It all sounds pretty cliché, but there are some truths to it. You’re afraid of taking risks, jumping out into the unknown and pushing yourself out of that comfortable box you call home.

Either you’ve got nothing to lose or you’ve got everything to lose. Regardless, there’s no better opportunity for personal growth than right now. Your only regret would be doing nothing about it at all!

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