How To Survive An Almost-Relationship [Revised]

Remember that sudden rush of excitement you felt as soon as you entered this relationship? This almost-relationship? The one that almost seems like a fling, but isn’t? Yeah, those are a few things that happen when you fall in love.

Deny it all you want, but some part of you wanted to take that risk. You considered the consequences of this relationship and took a leap of faith, anyways.

The reason why you even put up with all of this is becauseyou were deprived of unconditional love. In your pursuit of love, you looked in all of the wrong places. All except for one. You forgot to look within yourself.

Now all that’s left is to take the next few steps. First, you have to decide how you want to be loved. Next, you have to set a clear standard without settling for less. Finally, make sure to communicate your feelings and thoughts that come to mind.

Take this chance to find out more about yourself as a person. You’ll build a stronger foundation for relationships that way as well as a sense of fulfillment. Oh, and don’t worry, that rush of excitement will be here to stay.

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