How To Live With The Voices Inside Your Head

No matter how hard you try to block them out, the voices inside of your head just won’t seem to go away. They strike at you until your head aches, until your chest tightens, until your eyes sting and until you’ve lost almost all of your resolve to live.

You watch as all of your defense mechanisms continue to crumble before you, leaving behind a small instinct to fight back. So you keep fighting until your entire body goes numb and you struggle to do something as simple as breathing.

You stumble across the room to the nearest window just to breathe in some fresh air. You make it right on time before that flash of white light renders you unconscious. A few seconds feels like forever in this mental torture chamber. Just as you get a whiff of the cool air outside, your legs give out as if on cue. You sink to the ground gasping to for breath.

You constantly dream about the day when you’ll never have to hear these voices again, but to LIVE with THEM!? It seems rather impossible.

Sometimes you even consider ending it altogether, but will that really change anything? Will you admit defeat?

You’re tired of hearing the nasty, repetitive things that make you doubtful of whether you’ve got any humanity left. The ones that eat at your conscience and crawl under your skin at night.

You want to share your burden with the people you love, but you can’t. You can’t because you don’t want to share the weight of your world, so you rarely (or never) ask for help. You keep everything to yourself out of the fear that you will be judged.

You wonder if you’ll ever be like the people around you. The ones who look like they’ve got their lives together. How are you going to function in society? How will you blend in with the crowd when you stick out like a sore thumb?

Despite what you’re thinking right now, you’re not alone. Out of the 7.4 billion people on this planet, there is bound to be someone out there who is fighting in the same war. As for your loved ones, they’ll support you regardless of how negatively you view yourself.

Now is the time to be serious. Now is the time that you have to fight and WIN. Stand UP for yourself. If the people you talk to don’t seem to understand what you’re talking about, then educate them. You have all of the resources you need in your head. You are stronger and smarter than you give yourself credit for —or are you going to admit defeat again?

Where do you start? By letting go of everything that you’ve bottled up for all these years. They’re like the knots on your back that need to be softened out after a long massage. Unwind and let go of your regrets, your failures and insecurities. Let go of the things that upset you and think positively.

Like that waiter down the street from my place once said, “We have no problems, only solutions.” There you go! Create a few short-term goals that are realistic, practical, achievable, and keep on going. Life is too short to fall under the influence of your inner demons. Live life and let go!

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