I’m Like The Wind, Navigating Toward The Right Path

I’m like the wind. Well, that’s how my bf describes me. Today, I proved his point. The wind outside is blowing 13 mph right now and I’ve just gotten back from an hour-long stroll. There was too much tension at home and I needed to calm myself down immediately. I dropped my bags that very instant and headed out the door.

I forgot how nice it felt to take in the fresh air. I mean, REALLY fresh air. I’ve always felt discouraged from stepping a foot out the door. The city that I live in has some sketchy areas as well as some rough patches here and there. The cost of gas is starting to skyrocket.

I continued to walk past the gated entrance of the apartment building that I live in, leaving the door to shut behind me. That’s when I turned my three-inch heels toward the opposite direction, toward my old community college that’s about 1.5 miles away.

For the first 10 minutes, I felt all of my frustration and anger bubbling up. While the negative thoughts didn’t disappear completely, I felt some life in me come back. I paced in and out of the residential areas, trying to soak in every moment of complete solitude. I rarely have these moments at home, so I held this one close to my heart.

For the first time in a while, I felt free from all of my stress. I had a thrill observing all of the gardens I saw during my stroll as well as the tall, leafy green shade trees. The wind made me feel like I was being navigated back onto the right path. My resolve to appreciate life for all of it’s beauty and wonder has only gotten stronger.

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