Why Hiding Behind Your Emotions Will Come Back To Hurt You

For as long as you can remember, you’ve always had to look tough. The last thing that you want is to give any proof suggesting otherwise. You’re a master of hiding your emotions through body language. You always look the opposite of how you’re really feeling deep down inside.

That’s because you don’t want people to read you like a book. In fact, you’re not the type of person to say much, either. You’re fine with standing alone, hiding behind a blank face. You’re used to hearing people calling you weird, scary or creepy.

The way you look keeps people tipping on their toes and sitting off the edge of their seats. They can’t seem to understand who you really are and you couldn’t care less about it. That’s because you’re cautious. Too cautious.

You don’t want to be controlled by anyone again. You’ve gotten used to losing everything that makes you happy. This is your way of making sure that history doesn’t repeat itself.

The last time that you cried, you felt cold and alone. Now you barely have any tears left. So you distract yourself and call it moving on without getting over anything that upsets you. You hold everything in until it gets to a point where you get so annoyed that you snap. Call it “being strong,” but you’re just hurting everyone without knowing it.

You end up saying things that you never mean and you hurt yourself on the inside, too. Each time you build up on your bottled emotions, the harder it is to heal. That might not matter to you right now, but it will when you need your friends and family to understand you the most.

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