Why I Turned My Frown Upside Down Part 2

“You have a beautiful smile,” a schoolmate told me one afternoon as we sat across each other during lunch period. That was the first time I had ever heard anyone my age say that I was physically beautiful in any way—let alone in public! I was 21 back then with very low self-esteem.

But now I realize that it wasn’t my smile that was just beautiful—er, at least according to the people I’ve met since then. My classmate had the right idea all along… it was her comment that was even more beautiful. Her positivity made an impression that lasts to this day.

That’s the kind of spirit that we need to see more often and practice in our daily lives. Everyone around us already have enough problems to deal with so why not make their time on Earth a little more pleasant? I know this will sound pretty cliché, but a little DOES go a long way. I know that for a fact because I treasure these small moments today.

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