When Life Goes As Planned: What Education Really Gets You Part 1

My life is going according to plan, except I didn’t plan it. At least, not everything. For as long as I could remember, I always carried one goal throughout my life. Buy a house. Whether that meant occupying it with a family of my own or a bunch of cats, I was perfectly happy with the idea of reaching that goal alone. But I knew that I lacked the resources to get my foot into the door.

So unlike the majority of my childhood classmates who became gang-affiliated, juvenile delinquents and teenage parents, I decided to continue my education past high school. Facing those odds was one thing, but getting past them is another. And it all seemed pretty slim at the moment, but I was determined. I’d also like to take a moment to add that I respect the life decisions of the people who still struggle to overcome those same issues today.

I got denied from all of the universities that I applied to. I barely remember them now. What I do remember was betting all of my odds on getting into the California State University of Dominguez Hills. I remember that moment the most because I got denied even though it was my “safe bet.” I was confident and arrogant in thinking that I’d at least make it there as opposed to entering CSU Long Beach, which also denied me earlier that semester.

Okay, so I got denied by all of the universities that I applied to, but I wasn’t going to giving up! I enrolled myself into El Camino Community College six months after graduating high school and chose Journalism as my major.

Just go to school, get out of the dumps and get your head in the game, I thought. From there, my life began to pick up one night in the Fall of 2010. Hours had passed while I scrolled down the list of majors on the ECC website.

And in all honesty, nothing really jumped out to me. The only major that I could relate to was Journalism. It was that or take English. Art classes couldn’t guarantee my financial stability in the future, so I made an effort to choose something that would help me become marketable. And boy, was I wrong.

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