Time Capsule 1: From Retail to Education

I’m absolutely nervous. I’ll be entering Education as an tutor at an after school program starting tomorrow.

I never thought I’d be in this position at all. For the past few years, I’ve had family and friends encourage me to become a teacher.

How will I know whether or not I like it if I never try it? I suppose that’s what’s making me worried.

I’m not sure about what to expect. But that defeats the purpose growing as a person, I suppose.

I hope to read this in a year or two.

Maybe I’ll scoff or reflect on my life decisions at this point in time. It’s all part of the journey, after all.

2018 Didn’t Kill Me, It Made Me Stronger

I began searching for a job one year ago to this very day, but didn’t get one until last March.

As an inexperienced cashier, I began to familiarize myself in working with the Orchard Supply Hardware team.

At first, I was assigned to work the indoor registers. Soon enough, however, I was called to the nursery.

It was arguably, the most beautiful department of the store – and the hottest. Palm trees rested underneath the shade while succulents basked in the sun.

“I can get used to this!” I thought to myself.

As scheduled, I headed to lunch, but received a phone call the moment I got back. It wasn’t a normal event. The person calling meant it probably wasn’t good news.

He informed me that someone I loved passed away. I only cried once. Despite my boss’s offer to let me call out for the day, I refused and went straight to work.

“Are you okay?” a client asked.

“It’s just the allergies,” I replied.

I mean, what was I gonna do? Ruin her shopping experience?

For the next few months, I felt depressed. During that time, I honed my ability in providing customer service by watching my team help our community.

Not to boost my ego or anything, but people LITERALLY came to visit me. I began to learn so much more about our products and services. I began to feel comfortable.

That is until one evening before I was scheduled to leave for the day. Usually, we locked the gates as the nursery closed. This time, it was shut earlier to than anticipated.

As customers slowly exited the store, we held a group meeting. That’s when I learned about the liquidation.

Freaking out, I applied to a number of jobs and internships. And that’s where I’ll share part two of my story.

How I Got A New Job TWO Days After Losing My Old One

It all started with a phone call. A week before getting my new job, I applied to five other businesses in retail. I was desperately in need of money – pronto.

I received three calls from employers requesting to meet me. Mid-way during the interview, one them said, “I see that your experience is mostly in writing and that you graduated from a university.”

She was concerned for the right reasons. I realized how underemployed and overqualified I appeared from her point-of-view.

As the interview wrapped up, the store manager mentioned calling me IF there were to be a second interview. I left knowing I’d never get a call.

I arrived home in a saddened state, wondering what I had done wrong in my job search. I declined the other interview because I was sick and never got a reply as to what I should do next. Another location called back sometime later.

If I’m lucky, I’ll hear back from one more employer. I texted my friend, H, to keep her updated on the latest news.

Next thing you know, I opened a voicemail requesting an interview. Overjoyed, I texted my friend immediately and confirmed the meeting shortly after.

I arrived 45 minutes early. Overzealous, I know. I watched the time wind down until it was 5 mins before the interview.

As I finally walked around the dark green safety fence that stood between me and the building, I met a shocking revelation. The building was demolished!

Immediately, I walked toward the mall, approaching a man who appeared in to be in his late-20s. He pointed me toward the north end of the plaza.

I followed his instructions thinking he would know better, quickly realizing that his guess was wrong.

An older woman appeared out from one of the exits I happened to pass by at that moment.

“Get to the point, Diane,” I thought to myself.

Disclaimer: Children, please don’t do this! NEVER get into a stranger’s car!

“Excuse me, I’m late for my interview. Do you know where I can find…?” She knew exactly where I had to go and offered a ride in her car.

“What do I have to lose?” I thought, introducing myself as I opened the door and slid into the passenger’s seat.

We exchanged our names, she backed out of the parking spot and sped toward the opposite direction of the plaza, almost flying over the speed bumps and terrifying a pedestrian if only she had decided to drive any faster.

The vehicle came to a halt in front of the location. Relieved, I thanked her and didn’t waste time rushing to get my interview over with.

I arrived 15 minutes late and stood there as I watched a woman, who I assumed was the manager, work through a relatively healthy line of customers.

As the last person walked out of the door, I went over to introduce and explain myself. We were expecting three more people for a group interview.

After some time had passed, she began to ask me a series of questions that leaned toward hiring me. About an hour had passed when I learned that my assumption was right.

Well, also because no one else showed up for the interview, but I’m not complaining!

Late and extremely fortunate, I got the job along with a very good story to share with my friends!

I will continue this story on my next blog post! Keep in touch!