2018 Didn’t Kill Me, It Made Me Wiser

Freaking out, I applied to a dozen open positions for writing and in retail. Here’s why and here’s what happened after. I also applied to a couple of internship programs during my days off OSH.

Finally, I got an interview with The 7th Magazine during one of my shifts at the hardware store. I left with nothing but encouragement from the store manager and returned an hour later as an intern for the magazine.

As I came back to the register, people kept asking whether I had found a job or not. “I just got an internship writing for a magazine,” I said. Here’s how it started out.

This experience built character for sure. I started out by learning how to design newsletters while managing my time at OSH.

Just when I was getting into the swing of things, I lost access to the Internet for a month. My laptop, currently on life support as my boyfriend likes to say, has to stay plugged into an outlet with an exterior hard drive. You get the picture.

There was one instance when I submitted content via smartphone at a parking lot just to meet deadline.

I wasn’t sure how I was going to manage a job -under liquidation, mind you- and an internship at the same time, but I didn’t quit. I even got published in an interview with Brendan McGetrick for the Global Grad Show in Dubai in September.

I’ll have to admit that I was starting to feel pretty darn good about myself! Stay tuned for 2018 Didn’t Kill Me, It Made Me Smarter! You’ll find out why.

How I Got A New Job TWO Days After Losing My Old One

It all started with a phone call. A week before getting my new job, I applied to five other businesses in retail. I was desperately in need of money – pronto.

I received three calls from employers requesting to meet me. Mid-way during the interview, one them said, “I see that your experience is mostly in writing and that you graduated from a university.”

She was concerned for the right reasons. I realized how underemployed and overqualified I appeared from her point-of-view.

As the interview wrapped up, the store manager mentioned calling me IF there were to be a second interview. I left knowing I’d never get a call.

I arrived home in a saddened state, wondering what I had done wrong in my job search. I declined the other interview because I was sick and never got a reply as to what I should do next. Another location called back sometime later.

If I’m lucky, I’ll hear back from one more employer. I texted my friend, H, to keep her updated on the latest news.

Next thing you know, I opened a voicemail requesting an interview. Overjoyed, I texted my friend immediately and confirmed the meeting shortly after.

I arrived 45 minutes early. Overzealous, I know. I watched the time wind down until it was 5 mins before the interview.

As I finally walked around the dark green safety fence that stood between me and the building, I met a shocking revelation. The building was demolished!

Immediately, I walked toward the mall, approaching a man who appeared in to be in his late-20s. He pointed me toward the north end of the plaza.

I followed his instructions thinking he would know better, quickly realizing that his guess was wrong.

An older woman appeared out from one of the exits I happened to pass by at that moment.

“Get to the point, Diane,” I thought to myself.

Disclaimer: Children, please don’t do this! NEVER get into a stranger’s car!

“Excuse me, I’m late for my interview. Do you know where I can find…?” She knew exactly where I had to go and offered a ride in her car.

“What do I have to lose?” I thought, introducing myself as I opened the door and slid into the passenger’s seat.

We exchanged our names, she backed out of the parking spot and sped toward the opposite direction of the plaza, almost flying over the speed bumps and terrifying a pedestrian if only she had decided to drive any faster.

The vehicle came to a halt in front of the location. Relieved, I thanked her and didn’t waste time rushing to get my interview over with.

I arrived 15 minutes late and stood there as I watched a woman, who I assumed was the manager, work through a relatively healthy line of customers.

As the last person walked out of the door, I went over to introduce and explain myself. We were expecting three more people for a group interview.

After some time had passed, she began to ask me a series of questions that leaned toward hiring me. About an hour had passed when I learned that my assumption was right.

Well, also because no one else showed up for the interview, but I’m not complaining!

Late and extremely fortunate, I got the job along with a very good story to share with my friends!

I will continue this story on my next blog post! Keep in touch!